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We Create Our Own Luck

We create our own luck, it is not just something that happens to us, it is cultivated. The universe operates in precise order, and at times not fully understood by our limited frame of reference. By working with the universe, though, we can harvest the power to create our destiny. This lesson took me years to uncover.

I had a friend in high school. Everything seemed to go his way, from my perspective he was so lucky. Great grades, he was great at every sport he played, full-ride scholarships to great universities, he even won the lottery when he turned eighteen. He was a great guy, but at the same time I was a bit jaded. While expressing some frustration in comparing my luck to his, my cousin, wise beyond her years, reminded me about all of the struggles in his life. She opened up my very narrow eyes. I had only been focusing on his outward accomplishments not paying respects to the struggles he overcame and endured. The the grass wasn't greener, it was just the angle of the sun from my side of the fence.

So how do you become a Manifest Machine?

The first step is believing that it is possible. Changing your mindset alters your perspective of your reality. It allows the universe to direct you. When you believe that it is possible then you are more likely to see the signs. Having a positive outlook on your environment will put momentum into the positive feedback loop. This will continue to drive you forward and continue your good fortune.

Create A Sign:

Having a sign is a great way to communicate with the universe to know if you are on the right track. You get to create a sign that you enjoy. It can be a scent, a repeated number (like 1111), a shape or an animal. Your sign is yours to choose. Once declared, wait to see where it shows up and be amazed. Any time your sign shows up it is a God wink that you are on the right track and magic is on it's way.

Want List:

The key for this list is not just about writing what you want but writing down want you want for others as well. The key is to remain positive and wish joy, love and light upon others. The purpose of the exercise is to put your wants out on a hard format, sitting thinking about what you want the universe to provide out of it’s infinite abundance. You never have to look at the list ever again, and the list is not a out of gluttony because you want things, it is about manifesting for the betterment of your life and the life of your family.


Now it is time to embody what you desire. Taking time to sit in the thought, feeling and emotions of what the manifestation will do for you will allow you to embody it as a reality. It will become a part of you, strengthening the manifestation.

Realize that it takes time. Just because you ask for it now, does not mean it will show up tomorrow. It takes time to come to fruition. Allow the universe to provide for you and trust that it is coming at the correct time.

Be open to the possibilities. Keeping a narrow mind will not allow you to see all the opportunities you may be given and see what is directly in front of you. The manifestation is not always provided how we believe it will be nor does it always look as we imagined.

Put yourself out there. Wayne Gretzky said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Even the people that win the lottery perform the lowest level of manifestation of buying a ticket in hopes that they win. However, luck is not a product of probability, most people that are quote “lucky” put themselves out there time and time again, manifesting synchronicity - being open to the possibility of receiving.

Pay attention to the resistance and use the hurdles as redirection. If the resistance is too much it may be time to reflect on is this the right direction or is there another way? Each hurdle is not trying to stop you. It is there to make you stronger. You will not be given what you cannot handle.

Once you have a direction of your goals and the life you want to create, your daily action steps will lead you there. You can begin to ask yourself "Does this bring me closer to my goals my desires?” If the answer is "yes" then you are moving in the right direction. If the answer is "No" then it may be helpful to redirect your energy.

Follow your hunches. Create a possibility. Expect it to happen.


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