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Our Method

If you have been to a chiropractor before, chances are that the Flower of Life Chiropractic experience is different. We understand the importance of chiropractic care for the whole family in order to create an ideal thriving environment. Unlike traditional chiropractic, our focus is on the TONE of the spinal cord and nervous system that will allow for full function.


Nervous system stress at a rudimentary level occurs at the structure of the body, the spine. Daily stressors (Physical, Mental/Emotional, Chemical and Technological) cause Tonal Shifts which obstruct the nervous system.  The obstruction in the nervous system can weaken muscles, organs and glands, setting the stage for sickness and disorders of all kinds. Once these foundational issues are corrected, allowed to stabilize, and heal, many Secondary Conditions  (commonly referred to as “symptoms”) resolve naturally. With a nervous system free from obstruction the potentials and possibilities of your life are endless. 

Our method is a blend of several chiropractic techniques (BGI, SOT, Webster, Activator, Diversified, etc), so that we can address each person’s specific needs individually at each visit.  The blended approach allows us to tailor the adjustment specifically to your needs. These tonal approaches allow us to normalize the tone of the body which improves the function of the nervous system through gentle and specific pressure points. The release of the focal points allows the fascia to release so the body back into alignment  on its own rather than having to force the body back into alignment. 

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