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Align Your Body, Align Your Life

Let's start off with a little experiment. Play along with me! I want you to observe your current posture as you are reading this article.  Are your feet flat on the floor? Are your hips evenly sitting on the seat with both sit bones evenly pressing into the chair? Is your head and shoulders level to the ground? Now, if you are not already, hunch down in your chair, cross your legs and push your head forward  and down toward your screen. How does this make you feel? Let’s now uncross our legs, sit up tall reaching the crown of our head to the sky, roll your shoulders back and look far out in the distance straight ahead. Note how this makes you feel and compare it to the last posture. There is an incredible difference, no?

     Our posture has a far reaching affect on how we feel, our outward appearance, our physiology, and even our success in the world. We can learn a valuable lesson from a tree. In the process of growing, an oak tree must root deep into the ground planting a strong foundation.  Now, to be the most efficient to grow big and healthy, the tree grows straight up to the sky.  The branches evenly splay on all sides of the tree creating balance. This yields a strong and sturdy tree that will live for years. We too want to emulate the strong and sturdy tree being able to spend many valuable years with our families.

     From a physiological perspective our alignment is critical for our health.  All posture is predicated on a vertebral alignment and core strength.  One must have the proper flexibility and balance. Posture is created by the proper alignment of the vertebra and spinal curves. Our spine has 3 sets of curves that create integrity and stability allowing us to stand erect. Our vertebral column stores our spinal cord that connects our brain to every nerve of our body. These nerves send and receive signals from every organ, tissue and cell of our body. Maintaining alignment allows the life force to travel through the nervous system improving our bodies ability to learn, grow, develop and heal.  Posture also creates the appropriate room for internal organs.To properly function these organs cannot have continual stress upon them from the ribs and pelvis. For your lungs to fully fill, receiving the breath of life.

     The integrity of the structure is diminished once alignment is broken.  It was easy to feel the difference that a sitting posture had on how we felt. If this so clearly affected how you felt, wouldn’t you assume that this would also affect how others are viewing you as well? One person can be perceived as strong and powerful while still being likable while the other individual is perceived as weak, frail and even standoffish. Think about how your posture alone would affect your delivery and reception while giving a presentation or talking to anyone for that matter.  Can you see how by just shifting your alignment it could increase your overall success?

      Having the proper alignment doesn’t just increase your health and appearance, it connects you with the universe. It creates the channel for grounding and  pointing the crown towards the heavens.  This alignment allows for a greater connection to God, spirit and universal intelligence. Being aligned physically can have profound affects on your life allowing you to be the person you are destined to become. So how do you achieve alignment? Through Neuro Spinal Correction we remove tension within the body which allows for spinal alignment and allow your nervous system to work optimally. Allow us to help you take back your health, your power and design your destiny.


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