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5 Tips for Selecting Your Healthcare Team

It is time you began assembling your Health #Squad to help support you and your health goals.

With a plethora of practitioners and areas of expertise, how does one begin finding their doctors and health professionals? We were accustom to going to the local Family GP down the block that everyone in the town goes to and has always gone to, but things have changed. We now have the means to find the perfect fit and the perfect fit is a group of health practitioners that suit each of your needs. It is time you began assembling your Health #Squad to help support you and your health goals.

“ You will want to find a practitioner that also has the same philosophy and will help support you and your health goals.”

Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

1. Shop Around

It is important to test out the water to say. Do you feel comfortable with the practitioner, do you like them? This is going to be very important when forming a long-term relationship with this practitioner. It is well worth your time in the beginning to find the perfect match. Many practitioners offer complimentary consultations, where you can meet & greet with the doctor. These are great opportunities to see if their practice is right for you without having become financially invested. Trust your gut and listen to your first instinct when selecting your team.  There is a reason why you have that immediate connection or the feeling to run out the door.

2. Health Philosophy

What is your philosophy on health? Do you learn towards Holistic or Mechanistic? You will want to find a practitioner that also has the same philosophy and will help support you and your health goals. They say, what you focus on is what you will receive. Finding a practitioner that focuses on health and healing will lead you into a state of more health. If your currently health practitioner’s philosophy is not matching yours or you are not obtaining the results you desire it may be time to explore alternative approaches.

3. Teamwork

Not one person has all the answers. It is important to assemble a team made up of great practitioners who will each have a different perspective on your health. Generally, the more people you have in your corner the stronger and healthier you will remain. It is important to note, that their views cannot all be conflicting or you will be spinning like a top. It is important to select practitioners that work well together, allowing for not only well-rounded but collaborative care, which is in your best interest.

4.  Accessibility

It is important to find practitioners that are are accessible. Whether you have a question or need to make an appointment, it is important that they are easy to get to, easy to get a hold of and available to answer all the questions that you may have.  Having the assurance that your provider will be there when you need them is worth it’s weight in gold.  Accessibility is a two-way street, not only do you want your provider to be able to see you, you need to be able to get to your provider. It would not be prudent to start the new habit of working out every day if you have to take a train, bus and a taxi to the “Best New Gym.”  You should be able to travel to your provider and communicate with them with a sense of ease making the entire experience as stress-free as possible.

5.  Value

Value is measured in many different ways and is quite subjective. Value can be measured in time, resources, valued information or level of expertise. Are you getting a return on your investment? Do you feel comfortable with the value exchange?  Remember, your health is  your largest investment. It is important to critically evaluate your providers regularly, making sure that each one is maintaining honest, clear and coherent communication about your goals and expectations of care. Many practitioners are personable, charming and even funny, however, that does not equate to competent, quality care.


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