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Expert Tips for a "Back in Action" Summer

As the summer sun shines brightly and the allure of nature beckons, we trust you're making the most of the end of summer by venturing outdoors. Amidst the excitement of hiking through scenic trails, cycling along the coast, or simply basking on the beach, it's essential to prioritize not just your spine's health but also your overall nervous system well-being. This summer, let's focus on nurturing a vibrant nervous system.

1. Mindful Movement: Harmonizing Body and Nervous System

During outdoor activities, it's crucial to prioritize mindful movement. Warm-up before engaging in any strenuous physical endeavors to prepare your muscles and joints, especially after extended periods indoors (ie at the desk and on the couch). As you embark on your summer adventures, be mindful of your posture, maintaining a neutral spine alignment to prevent compensations and reduce the risk of injury. This thoughtful approach to movement not only benefits your spine but also promotes overall nervous system health.

2. Stay Hydrated: Revitalize Your Nervous System

Hydration plays a vital role in supporting not just spinal health but the entire nervous system. Proper water intake not only aids spinal discs, acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, but also promotes detoxification and optimal cellular function. Stay hydrated throughout the day to maintain disc hydration, enhance nerve signaling, and enliven your nervous system.

3. Stretch and Relax: Embrace Restoration and Balance

After an adventurous day outdoors, take time to stretch and relax your muscles. Gentle stretches for the back, hamstrings, and hip flexors alleviate tension, enhance flexibility, and ease post-activity soreness. Consider incorporating yoga, breathwork, meditation, and simple stretching routines into your daily summer ritual, promoting relaxation and balance within your nervous system.

4. Ditch the Footwear: Empowering Your Nervous System Foundation

Allow your feet to breathe and build strength by going barefoot or opting for minimalistic footwear during appropriate outdoor activities. Strong feet contribute to a well-supported spine and, in turn, a thriving nervous system. Connecting with the ground beneath your feet not only improves balance and proprioception but also fosters a deeper connection with your environment. If you do need to put on shoes, Vivobarefoot (use code: VNETWORK10 for 10% off) and Earth Runners are our favorites.

5. Take Breaks: Embrace Rest and Rejuvenation

While the spirit of summer adventures may be exhilarating, remember to take breaks when needed. Prolonged activities like sitting on the beach or long drives can strain your back and impact your nervous system. Stand up, walk around, and stretch periodically to keep your spine and nervous system happy and healthy.

6. Stay Active, Stay Strong: The Nervous System's Ally

Engaging in regular physical activity not only supports spinal health but also boosts overall well-being, especially for the nervous system. Activities like swimming, which is an excellent low-impact exercise, strengthen back muscles while being gentle on the spine and nervous system. Make time for activities that keep you active and maintain a strong and adaptable nervous system throughout the summer months.

7. Holistic Nervous System Care: Prioritizing Optimal Function

Consider getting adjusted not only for addressing any symptoms and optimizing alignment but also for enhancing nervous system function. Chiropractic adjustments reduce nervous system stress, enhance communication between your brain and body, and help you stay in top shape for your summer activities.

By incorporating mindful movement, staying hydrated, and practicing habits that promote nervous system health, you can enjoy a summer filled with delightful memories while nurturing your body and soul.


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