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Perfect Storm: What is Making Our Kids Sick?

Picture this: your child thriving with boundless energy, sleeping soundly through the night, and facing each day with confidence and joy. As pediatric chiropractors at Flower of Life Chiropractic, we've witnessed countless stories of transformation where children overcome challenges that once seemed insurmountable. We understand your journey – the late nights, worries, and tireless efforts to ensure your child's happiness and well-being.

But here's the thing: even with your unwavering dedication, some hurdles may persist. Perhaps your child battles with anxiety struggles to find restful sleep, or seems to catch every “bug” that comes their way. It's tough, we know. Yet, amidst the chaos, there's hope.

Did you know that over 77% of today's youth grapple with chronic health conditions? It's a staggering statistic, but it's not the end of the story. In just a few short generations, rates of chronic illnesses among children have skyrocketed to alarming levels. From ADHD to anxiety, depression to autism, our children are facing challenges that were once rare or unheard of. 

In just 1-2 generations (not near enough time for genetics to change much at all),  rates of chronic illness in kids have been rising quickly to absolutely horrendous, troubling levels. 

• ADHD & Behavior Problems in children range from 10-15% and climbing 

• Anxiety in children was 11.6%, then nearly doubled to 20.5% since 2020

• Depression in children was 8.5%, then more than doubled to 25.2% since 2020

• Overall mental illness in children now affects 1 in 6, and climbing rapidly 

• Autism rates have increased 241% since just 2000, now affecting 1 in 36 children 

Specifically, when children remain trapped in "fight or flight" mode, the resulting surge of stress hormones disrupts essential bodily processes like digestion, immunity, and growth. This suppression of the restorative parasympathetic "rest and digest" response creates a vicious cycle known as the "Perfect Storm."

Why are so many children sick and stressed? And most importantly, what can we do to change this for your child and the other children in our community? How do we get them “out” of this “perfect storm” we are facing like never before?

The solution is simple: find the cause(s) and reverse them. The causes of all these challenges are not genetic and are not bad luck. Good health doesn’t just come from good genes; it comes from good choices. Unfortunately, the choices most parents are told to make are to try and “avoid” illness instead of building health. 

Our world today is rife with what we call the 3Ts: Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts (stress). Most importantly, our children's nervous systems are so stressed and overwhelmed by these that they lose their ability to adapt and overcome them.

We see a typical sequela repeatedly when a family brings in their child. It all starts during development with maternal stress during pregnancy, stressful or traumatic birth, and early and frequent exposure to medications and antibiotics. 

1. Fussy, colicky, constipated, sleep-challenged infant

2. Sensory, constantly sick, challenging baby to toddler stage (meaning antibiotics and steroid-based anti-inflammatory medications over and over)

3. Constantly wound up, sensory overwhelmed, hyperactive, impulsive, emotional “stuck” child

4. Focus, concentration, organization, social, and emotional regulation challenged grade school child

5. Exhausted, Angry, Anxious, Depressed Teenager in chronic pain.

Recent studies shed light on the intricate connection between these challenges and the nervous system – the epicenter of your child's health and vitality.

Imagine this: your child's nervous system functions like a well-oiled machine, effortlessly navigating the ups and downs of life. That's where we come in. Flower of Life Chiropractic specializes in unlocking your child's nervous system's potential, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future.

We understand how children can become trapped in a perpetual state of stress. When the nervous system becomes dysregulated, it can lead to various chronic health issues.

The vagus nerve is at the core of nervous system regulation. It controls the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for relaxation and regulation. Impaired vagal tone can trap children in fight-or-flight mode, leading to a condition known as dysautonomia, which can manifest in various chronic health challenges.

Recognizing the signs of a child stuck in fight-or-flight mode is crucial. These signs include heightened anxiety, emotional outbursts, disrupted sleep, changes in appetite, increased sensitivities, and more. Most of the “perfect storm” kiddos we see also suffer mightily from allergies, respiratory infections, breathing issues like asthma, and GI problems like constipation and indigestion. The key to healing these systems is starting with the body’s main “hard drive”—the Central Nervous System.

When a child's nervous system becomes overwhelmed and stuck in fight-or-flight mode, it can result in a range of symptoms that affect their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The goal of our care for “perfect storm” children is to start on the “inside” by strengthening the health of their most important system—the Central (Autonomic) Nervous System. Then, as the brain and nervous system regain their health and function, they strengthen the other essential body systems that these children struggle with: the Immune System, Digestive System, Respiratory System, and Endocrine System.

Imagine the possibilities: a child free from the grips of anxiety, sleeping peacefully through the night, and embracing each day with newfound confidence and vitality. It's not just a dream – it's within reach.

Addressing nervous system dysregulation through chiropractic care could be the missing piece if your child struggles despite your best efforts. Reach out to Flower of Life Chiropractic today for support in guiding your child toward a healthier, more balanced life.


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