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Pediatric Chiropractic Care for My Son's Lifelong Wellness

My introduction to the world of chiropractic care happened a mere three days after my birth. Growing up with weekly adjustments in my routine, I quickly grasped the profound benefits it brought to my life. Witnessing my mother's unwavering dedication to my health shaped my perspective on well-being and ultimately influenced the mother and chiropractor I am today.

Regular adjustments were crucial for maintaining optimal performance as a young athlete competing in gymnastics and diving. Following my intense training years, I have enjoyed activities like yoga, pilates, rock climbing, and even choreographed floor routines for young gymnasts under my coaching wing. Chiropractic kept me mobile, performing at my best, healthy, and able to adapt to any stresses that came my way.

When I welcomed my son, Mack, into the world, I was determined to set his journey on a path similar to mine, beginning with chiropractic care. Pregnancy and childbirth, while beautiful, subject the body to various forms of stress—physical, chemical, and mental/emotional. It became evident that Mack, too, experienced these stresses while in utero and during birth, even under the best circumstances, the birthing process can stress a baby's spine and nervous system.

Recognizing the far-reaching consequences of nerve system stress, I aimed to ensure Mack's start in life was optimal. Issues such as colic, breathing problems, allergies, and meeting developmental milestones can be associated with nerve system stress. Thus, I opted for chiropractic care to address potential concerns proactively and lay the foundation for his success.

At just one hour old, I adjusted Mack. In the following days, he received care from Dr. Erin and Dr. James, ensuring his nervous system operated at its peak and his body remained at ease. On that same day, I also received an adjustment, emphasizing the importance of my well-being and postpartum recovery during those intense early months of motherhood.

Fast forward 15 months, and Mack receives weekly adjustments from me. Whether dealing with a cold, achieving a new milestone, teething, or enduring a minor tumble, I consistently check in to ensure his body functions optimally. Monthly visits to Flower or Life have become a priority, allowing other chiropractors to assess him and providing a fresh perspective I may miss while in "mom mode."

Why this unwavering dedication? Because the nerve system governs the entire body—from circulation to digestion to immunity and beyond. Our nervous system is continually assessing stresses in our lives, whether they may be physical, chemical, or mental and emotional. These senses are then brought to the brain to be evaluated, filtered, and processed. This process balances the accelerator (sympathetic: fight or flight) and the break (parasympathetic: rest, digest, and grow). Restoring brain balance and function through chiropractic adjustments paves the way for excellent health and well-being. It's more than just a routine; choosing chiropractic care for Mack is a commitment to his lifelong wellness. It's about empowering his body to express its full potential and setting the stage for a vibrant, healthy life.


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