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Living Heart-Centered

The Heart:

The heart is the first organ created when formed in the womb, and it is the last organ to stop when we pass away. The heart does so much more than just pump blood. As our body changes, so does the demand for oxygen, and the heart responds to this need. It adapts to our demands, shifting its work-load during sleep vs in the middle of a five-mile run. The heart responds instantaneously to shifting situations. We have a physical heart as well as an energetic heart center. Your physical heart is the center of your physical well-being. Your energetic heart is the center of your energetic life. Our thoughts and our emotions affect our heart’s energetic or magnetic field just as our physical actions affect the physical heart. The electromagnetic radius of the heart expands outside of our physical body and reaches a radius of 6 feet around us which can affect those around us even if we are not conscious of it. The heart has the power to heal, create your future and change the world around you.

The energy of the heart is more than just love. It allows us to connect to our true self, which is very powerful. It is in this state that anything is possible. When we live a heart centered life, we live in alignment. Love, being the opposite of fear, allows for your need to control to disappear. Fear, worry, and doubt vanish. It is in this place, you will find a sense of peace and trust in yourself and the world around you. When you live from your heart center, you realize you are more than the physical body. You begin to know you are ‘spirit in’ your body. Your heart is the gateway to harnessing and expressing our true potential.

Heart Space Breathing:

The technological and polarizing society that we currently live in makes it easy to disconnect from ourselves and our heart space. We spend most of our conscious time in our heads…THINKING. We often over analyze and lose ourselves in the process. Heart space breathing allows us to return to a state of love and connect to our true self. It is in this state that we can be our true self and it is absolutely amazing what is possible when we live and interact in the world from a heart-centered place. Truly anything is possible!

There are 3 keys to Harmony / Amplifying Heart Energy

  1. Shift your focus

  2. Shift your breath

  3. Shift your feeling

Seems easy enough right? This is a technique that I use often (should be used multiple times a day) which quickly takes you out of the mental thinking state and leads you to a heart-centered state. Using this technique, I have found that the world begins to work for me. Phone calls go in my favor, customer service agents go above and beyond for me, and those who surround me match my tone and are willing to work with me with their walls down. I also notice that I have more energy, I am able to respond to a situation rather than react, I have improved health (reduced negative effects of stress), and experience more joy and gratitude throughout the day. With continued practice of Heart Space Breathing, you will find yourself living from your heart and moving through life with ease, a greater level of awareness and intention. The more you use heart energy and allow it to flow in your life, the easier things will come to you and work for you.

Using Heart Energy:

First, we must trust that it’s there. We often remain in mind- constantly thinking - which perpetually sends us into a sympathetic feedback loop. Since thinking with our mind has become our default it may take some time to shift from the mind to the heart. Trust me, it is there. Even if it has been a long time since you checked into it or it seems difficult, it is there and it’s ready to radiate.

Now that we trust the possibility of the heart space existing, we must connect to heart energy. This is just as simple as feeling an energy source emanating from your chest. This is the real meat and potatoes. Once you can embody the heart space energy, expanding it into your field allows your family members, coworkers, peers and friends to show up in an entirely new way. At first, you might only be able to expand it a few inches. It is my greatest gift to facilitate the clearing of your nervous system so you can be present in your body so you can live in alignment. I support you in continuing this practice, shifting your focus, breath and feelings so in time, you’ll be able to expand it without limits!

Heart energy is at the core of your ability to manifest. It is the foundation of your manifesting power. It is the power to heal, to create your future, and to change the world. You see, relying on visualization, belief, affirmations, and positive thoughts uses only one type of manifesting energy – mind energy. While it is possible to manifest simply with the power of your mind, it’s so much easier and faster to manifest with heart energy. It’s that it involves going beyond what you see and going within, to that quiet place inside of you. It requires you to be brave and willing to let go of control. When you do so, you achieve wholeness, become centered, and find internal peace. You also have the ability to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

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