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Can a Chiropractor Turn a Breech Baby?

Prenatal chiropractors are turning heads as a holistic and natural way of turning a breech baby, but that is not actually the case. Trained obstetricians perform External Cephalic Versions (ECV), which is a manual technique for turning breech babies.  An ECV requires specialized training, ultrasound monitoring and is performed in a hospital setting for safety, in the case that an emergency c-section is required. Looking for a less invasive option? Try prenatal chiropractic.

A chiropractic adjustment realigns and restores normal biomechanics to the mother’s body, that allows baby to move on their own, rather than an external force pushing baby into a desired position.

The Webster Technique, a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment for pregnant women, is designed to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation. How does this happen? The technique combines sacral adjustments and soft tissue releases that restore function and balance to the pelvis.

The female pelvis is made up of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that hold the important reproductive organs. Any misalignment, or subluxation, in the spine or pelvic bones can create tension in the muscles and ligaments inside the pelvic girdle. A specific ligament release and sacral adjustment prepares the pelvis for the changes that occur during pregnancy and birth by creating a state of ease and balance in the pelvic structures.  This ease establishes normal biomechanics and releases aberrant torsion on the uterus that allows the uterus to fully expand, ultimately, allowing baby to go head down. Uterine nerve innervation, pelvic biomechanics, balance, and alignment are obtained which results in ample room for baby to grow, develop and move into the proper birthing position.  So the answer is no, a chiropractor does not turn a breech baby, but through prenatal chiropractic care many babies turn head-down.


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