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The Cause of Dis-ease

“Nothing” has been reported as the cause of so many of the ailments of the new clients coming to see us. While doing the initial intake we ask them, “So what has brought this on?” Honestly, 9 of 10 people respond with “nothing, I just woke up with it.” I find it funny, because nothing is being reported as the leading cause of dis-ease in America. Nothing is the culprit for pretty much everything. And sad to report, but nothing REALLY is the culprit. Nothing was done when making the appropriate food choices. Nothing was done to simulate the mind. Nothing was done to clean up the emotional turmoil. Nothing was done to maintain physical capacity to work, play, and recreate. Nothing really is the culprit. Thankfully, it has the easiest cure of all…do SOMETHING. It can be difficult to do the things on the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis that are the essential to maintaining coherence in our lives. Its easy to go to bed late. Its easy to raid the fridge at midnight. Its easy to watch football game after football game from Thursday through Monday, beer after beer and chip after chip. Its easy to go through the motions at work, email here, email there, staple, meeting, email, idle chatter, and hope the next opportunity is better. Its easy to wake up late, skip breakfast, leave the house a mess, give the kids money for lunch, stop for take-out on the way home. Nothing is quite easy.

When you do SOMETHING for the first time it can be exhausting! You must take action, SOMETHING must be done. We are the summation of the experiences that we have in our lifetime.  Caroline Myss states, “Your biography becomes your biology.” We are also the summation on how we  adapt to each of these experiences. Our world is perceived through the nervous system. The nervous system is the most remarkable system of the body, it is the linch pin that holds it all together.

Each and every one of your experiences pass through your nervous system. It is at the core your bodies actions, reactions, motions, and emotions. If there is interference in your nervous system because of a Tonal Shift, the body mind connection is delayed. The experiences that we have on a moment to moment basis good, bad, and perfect are interpreted by the different structures of the nervous system. If the your nervous system can not appropriately adapt to the stimuli of your environment, those experiences result in a distortion of the structure.  By balancing the structure, the brain and body can communicate seamlessly so that the body can heal, grow and function as the body is intended. With an organized,  coherent and balanced structure, the mental impulses that animate each action, reaction, motion emotion and secretion can flow without restriction through the nervous system.

Maintaining spinal alignment is a great first step in taking control and doing something about your health. At the end of the day your health is your most valued commodity. It is time you do something!


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